'Let Your Children Go Bananas'

Encourage Your Baby to Grow and Develop with Baby Sign Classes in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

As babies are learning only the basics of communicating, they may become frustrated when they are unable to express their needs constructively. A highly effective means of communicating, baby sign language allows children to signal what they want more easily. At Sign and Rhyme we teach baby signing classes that strengthen your baby’s communication skills.

Encourage Your Baby with Sign and Rhyme

Nurture your baby while prompting him or her to voice their needs, emotions, and observations by attending my baby signing classes. My Sign and Rhyme class is a popular baby sign language class held three per week in Beaconsfield. Hurley and Penn. 

Suitable for children aged between three and 24 months, my baby sign classes include teaching your baby how to communicate through signs. 

The Wonders of Baby Sign Language

Signing is a fantastic way to be able to communicate with your child before they are able to talk. Relying on signals such as crying, pointing, and screeches to interpret your baby’s needs can often be frustrating. As the founder of Sign and Rhyme, I take pride in my extensive experience teaching, signing, and working with children. As a mother of three i found signing with my children beneficial on so many levels so i love to share that with other parents or carers and their little ones.

Spring Term 2019


11.15am – 12.15pm

Monday 14th January –
Monday 1st April

35 Malthouse Square,
Beaconsfield HP9 2LG

Tea & Toy Time 11.55 am - 12.15 pm

11.00am – 12.00am

Wednesday 9th January –
Wednesday 4th April

Hurley Village Hall, High St, Hurley,
Maidenhead SL6 5LT

Tea & Toy Time 11.40 am -12.00 pm


Advanced class for 18m+

10.30 am - 11.30 am

Thursday 10th January –
Thursday 4th April

Penn Free Methodist Church, Church
Rd, Penn HP10 8NU

(Tea and toy time 10.30-10.50)

(Half Term - Wed 20th Feb, Thurs 21st Feb & Mon 25th Feb)


Teaching Expert Baby Sign Classes 

At Funky Monkeys, I teach Sign and Rhyme classes that incorporate baby sign language based on BSL.

Bring your children along to my baby signing classes to help their hands do the talking!

Although I run Funky Monkeys music class,  Sign and Rhyme is also a music-based class where the signs are used as actions and brought to life with a burst of sensory fun. During my sessions, I use an assortment of props to reinforce the theme and enhance the learning. Suitable for babies aged up to two years, my baby sign classes include:

Props – Puppets – Bubbles – Parachute - Sensory Experiences


Baby Sign Classes to Suit Your Schedule

Easy to fit into your schedule, my baby sign classes run for approximately 40 minutes. What’s more, my Sign and Rhyme classes are followed by @tea & toy time, when parents/carers get a chance to chat over a cup of tea or coffee and the little ones can play with a range of toys, enabling both age-groups to make new friends.

As my sessions are priced per family, not per child, they offer a fantastic opportunity for parents with twins or more than once child.

Attending My Baby Sign Classes

Designed to accommodate your needs, my baby sign language sessions are held on multiple days. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a class, I am more than happy for you to make it up by attending on a different day. However, I request that you discuss this with me prior to the session. Priced at £7.50 per session, my classes are available at £90 for 12 sessions. For added convenience, I have outlined the locations and times of my classes, alongside the term dates above. If you would like to sign up for the term, please contact me asap to avoid disapointment!

Contact me, in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, to obtain more details about the stimulating baby sign language and baby sign classes I deliver as a talented performer.